How To Fix Some Podcasting Mistakes

How To Fix Some Podcasting Mistakes

1. Aren't getting long-winded!

Yes, some popular podcasts go three or four hours (or more). But they have already got a loyal audience and that they discuss content their audience enjoys. you're not them!

Remember a post I shared before that "shorter is best ." Every time! Nobody ever stops taking note of an episode because it's too short. If anything, they're going to see what proportion time is left and think "There is merely 2 minutes left, I'll hear the remainder ... "

What does one think their response is going to be if they appear down and therefore the timer says "2 hours 20 minutes" left? On an episode, they need already lost interest in?

The easiest fix for that's to "Keep It Short!"

2. Know What you're Talking About

If you are doing not sound intelligent, it's because you did not adequately steel oneself against your show. Yes, if you are doing interviews with experts, you're bringing them to the program because they're experts. But that doesn't mean you ought to bring someone on "your show" to debate something you're unacquainted.

Do your research before the interview. The guest may send you an inventory of talking points (that's good)! But don't stop there!

Do some research on all of these topics. I attempt to write down a minimum of three questions for each single one among the subject points the guest wants to debate. this enables me to sound a touch more intelligent during the conversation.

3. Don't Know Too Much!

Not to dismiss the prior topic of "Know What you're Talking About," you ought to also not assume your audience knows the subject that you simply could also be an expert at.

Take a touch time to elucidate what some terms mean, etc. don't ask "a prior episode" unless you'll also give the episode number. you'll realize it was 2 months ago, but a replacement listener doesn't.

Make it easy for people to travel back and hear the prior episode. If it had been important enough to say, it should even be important enough for you to offer your listeners the knowledge so that they can go and listen to themselves.

If the thought just "popped into your head" while recording, just a fast comment like, "I can't remember the episode number immediately. But I'll look it up and put a link within the show notes for you." Then do so!

4. Don't Stay A Secret

Many podcasters simply have their episodes on Anchor or perhaps only on Apple Podcasts. That's it! No website. No blog. Just a link "out there somewhere."

Your podcast is far more important than that!

Make it one a part of your information delivery "system." That's right, you would like a SYSTEM.

A website with blog, resources, contact information, etc. Have a link from your website that takes someone to your podcast.

On your Podcast site, have a link that takes them to your website.

Have social media links. Have links on your social media that take people to your website and your podcast. Make it completely circular!

This not only makes it easy for people to seek out you and your podcast, but Google loves it, too! which will increase your SEO because each of these sites creates back-links to every other! this enables all of your websites (and podcast) to be found more easily by more people!

By implementing these suggestions as you create, edit and promote your podcasts, you'll get more traffic, more listeners and podcasting are going to be more enjoyable for you, too.